Hi there!

My name is Debbie Adcock, and I want to help you have the most rewarding experience with your horse!  Every day my horse tells me his secrets, does yours?  With the Parelli method you can learn how to read your horse and learn what to do to help him/her become more calm, connected and responsive.  That means you get a better partner.

Your horse is unique and special, so are you. Together you can become one, in harmony with each other. If you do not already have that wonderful experience in every aspect of your relationship with your horse, I can help to attain all the you desire.  On top of that, I will keep you safe, put a smile on your face, and have lots of FUN as you learn. I find horses fascinating, I love understanding what makes the tick.  Every problem has a solution, if we approach it the right way with respect for the horse and ourselves.

Who am I as a Parelli horsewoman? I have been riding and working with horses since 1990. In 2006 I discovered Pat Parelli and my relationships with horses soared to new heights. After years of clinics with many of the top Parelli instructors, summertime at the Parelli ranch in Colorado, performing Spotlights, and having lessons with Pat and Linda, I am a 3* Parelli Professional.

I take this role very seriously, and am honored to be able to assist others on their journey.  It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I bring that to my students.  I promise you, you will walk away with more tools for working with your horse and better connections than you had before.

Your horse is unique with specific needs, and you are too.  If you have fear issues, or are affected by a previous bad experience, I will be there supporting  you and giving you the confidence you need to mend your horse relationship.  In addition I will help you understand how your actions affect your horses reactions.  If you are having any type of problems with your horse the Parelli approach will give you results.

My goal is to impart tried and true information from Pat himself, which leads to better understanding and an improved relationship with your horse. That way you will feel empowered to handle any situation with savvy and smarts!

In the beginning I recommend one lesson every week for one month, then if you are ready, we can take a two to four week break, depending on your accomplishments.  During the break you have homework and will practice what you have learned.  After that time, we will reassess where you are on your journey, and take the next step from there.

I enjoy working with people and horses, and co-creating great horse/human relationships.  I look forward to meeting you and playing with you and your horse.