The Natural Horsemanship Journey

The Parelli program of natural horsemanship was founded in 1981 by lifelong horseman Pat Parelli. A former rodeo bronc rider, horse trainer and all-around horse lover, Pat created the program based on his keen observation of horse behavior, psychology and communication. Early on, he realized that horses already had all the skills they needed to thrive and relate with their kind. It was adding the human element that complicated things. Pat discovered that a life-changing human-horse partnership is possible once people begin to “think, feel, act, and play like a horse.”This becomes a lifelong relationship journey.

Horse lovers around the world who follow the Parelli program have found the greatest gift is discovering that Parelli enhances not only their relationship and communication with the horse, but touches every other relationship in their lives.

“It’s more than just about the horse,” reflects Linda Parelli. “It really dips into the personal development side of things. You learn about yourself, you learn about communication, about leadership, about truthfulness, about consequence and responsibility. You learn about love and imagination. The horse becomes the animal that tells you the truth about yourself in all these categories.”

“People realize this is what they’ve been looking for in all their relationships,” adds Pat. “It’s balanced with love, language and leadership in equal doses. The program and their horse give them a living model so they can practice and become fluent in their abilities in all relationships, not just the horse relationships.”

Today, Linda and Pat Parelli routinely travel the world sharing the Parelli program with everyday horse lovers and audiences as elite as Her Majesty the Queen of England. The Parelli courses in Florida and Colorado at the Parelli Center attract huge numbers each year.

We invite you to join us on the journey to horse savvy the natural horsemanship way and help change the world for horses and horse lovers worldwide. Click here to become a Parelli Member.