Personal Horsemanship Development

If you truly love horses and want to experience a whole new relationship then you’ll love what I can do for you using the Parelli method.

Lessons Prices

  1 to 2 PERSON 3 to 4  PEOPLE  5 to 6 PEOPLE
1 hour $70 per person n/a n/a
2 hours $140 per person $130 per person $120 per person
3 hours $210per person $200per person $190per person
4 hours $280 per person &270 per person $260per person
6 hours $420per person $410per person $400 per person
Mileage fee for lessons more than 5 miles from my home will be charged $0.75/mile, round trip.

 Lesson Horses available for lease
$10 per lesson

Areas I can help you with: