Take the time it takes, so that it takes less time
Expect a lot, accept a little, reward often
Slow and right beats fast and wrong
If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got
If your horse is blinking, he’s thinking. If he’s not, he’s hot
Cause your ideas to become your horse’s ideas, but understand his ideas first
Trust that your horse will respond, but be ready to correct.  Not more one than the other
Cause is less than make, and allow is more than let
Observe, remember, and compare
Focus gives you feel, Focus and Feel gives you Timing.  Focus, Feel and Timing give you Balance
Let go of past, challenge your values and change your perspective
Be as light as possible and as firm as necessary
Cause the wrong thing to be difficult and allow the right thing to be easy
Savvy is knowing where to be, when to be, why to be and what to do when  you  get there, at any given moment and in any situation with a horse
The Rapport is in his heart, the Respect is in his head, the Impulsion is in his emotions, the Flexion is in his body