Parelli Principles, Keys to Success, Core Values, Qualities of a Natural Horseman.

Seven Keys to Success
1. Attitude
2. Knowledge
3. Tools
4. Technique
5. Time
6. Imagination
7. Support

Eight Principals
1. Horsemanship is natural
2. Don’t make or teach assumptions
3. Communication is two or more individuals sharing or understanding an idea
4. Horses and humans have mutual responsibilities

a. Don’t act like a predator
b. Have an independent seat
c. Think like a horse
d. Have the natural power of focus

e. Don’t act like a prey animal
f. Maintain gait
g. Maintain direction
h. Watch where you’re going

5. The attitude of justice is effective
6. Body language is universal
7. Horses teach humans and humans teach horses
8. Principals, purpose and time are the tools for teaching

Nine Core Values
1. Put the relationship first
2. Be the best that I can be
3. Get it done with a little bit of fun
4. Exceed expectation
5. Never ending self-improvement
6. Do more – be little
7. Be humble
8. Truth, transparency and trust
9. Keep it natural

Ten Qualities of a Natural Horseman
1. Heart and desire
2. Respect
3. Impulsion
4. Flexion
5. Attitude
6. Feel
7. Timing
8. Balance
9. Savvy
10. Experience