As you progress through the Levels, look around and see where you are, have been, and are going.

Level 1 is about safety and communication, and it focuses on developing a language and earning respect with your horse on the ground. Playing the Parelli Seven Games with your horse On Line – the first of the Four Savvys, or areas of study – teaches you how to read horses and build strong relationships based on love, language, and leadership.

Level 2 is about confidence and fun, and will introduce the second Savvy – FreeStyle riding. You’ll learn how riding without contact helps horses become more responsible, self-controlled, and relaxed, and you’ll take your On Line skills to another level of understanding. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you’ll be having playing on the ground.

Level 3 is about skill and excellence. It delves into more advanced On Line and FreeStyle concepts, then introduces Liberty – the ultimate test of trust and bond. When you play with your horse on the ground without a halter or lead rope, the only thing left is the truth. The relationship, savvy and refinement you’ll learn in Level 3 will take you to a level of excellence that most people only dream about.

Finally, Level 4 is about the fundamentals of performance – developing all Four Savvys to a spectacular expression of expertise. The fourth Savvy is Finesse – the art of riding with contact and collection – and it is one of the hardest things to do well with horses. Learning to prepare your horse with a solid foundation of all Four Savvys will help you achieve high levels of performance without sacrificing the relationship you’ve built with your horse.